ExpressIt3D Videos (Previously Dryfork)

This is a list of videos of ExpressIt3D presentations

Dryfork 3D presentation software blows away PowerPoint

This video shows the power and flexability of Dryfork 3D Presentation Software

Dryfork Perspective, how big are you?

This video shows the 3D capability in comparing the size of planets and stars. So how big are you? Use Dryfork to enlarge your reputation!

Dryfork vs Powerpoint

This video shows a Dryfork presentation that compares Dryfork and PowerPoint. You can decide for yourself.

Dryfork Video Backgrounds

This video shows actual Dryfork presentations that use video backgrounds and real 3D content. Adding video backgrounds in Dryfork is easy, and is a standard feature of the software.

Dryfork 3D Presentation Software

A video showcasing the features of Dryfork 3D Presentation Software. This video has a good example of original 3D content.

Flexsim Dryfork Presentation

This is a video of a Flexsim presentation done in Dryfork. Flexsim is a 3D simulations software for process improvement. This presentation show how to reduce the number of pages in a presentation by embedding 2D and 3D content into points on a page.

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