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Express It 3D Presentation Software - Overview

Express It 3D is the most powerful presentation tool available on a PC Computer. Express It 3D allows the presenter to intergrate 2D, 3D, and video media in a single presentation.

Present in 3D

Break out of 2D presentations and into a whole new world of true to life visualization. Build your presentations in Express It 3D's native 3D environment from the start - no post processing! Learn more

Video options

Discover the advantages of adding video backgrounds to your pages. Use single or multiple video backgrounds or texture videos in 3D content. Learn more

Import PowerPoint

Express It 3D will import PowerPoint presentations and convert them to a 3D presentation automatically. Learn more

Ease of use

Drag and drop editing, intuitive controls, comprehensive help, and more combine to make Express It 3D the easiest 3D presentation software you'll ever use. Learn more

Express It 3D Media Pack

Express It 3D has assembled over 300 3D shapes and pictures to help you create stunning presenation effects! Learn more

Present in 3D

Express It 3D was built from the ground up to give you a truly immersive 3D experience. There is no better way to to present your ideas and leave a lasting impression.

Build in a 3D world

Express It 3D was built from the ground up to take advantage of today's advanced 3D visualizations. Drag and drop objects into a virtual world. Create spatial relationships in your presentation. Include custom 3D shapes and multimedia.

Express It 3D presentation

Express It 3D provides a unique combination of pages and points (also in 3D) combined with the ability to embed 3D rich content into points on a page. Animated 3D media, pictures, video, and sound can all be combined to create to most exciting presentation you have ever seen.

You never need to purchase add-ons to create stunning effect with Express It 3D. Everything you need is in one software. 3D shapes and video can be used as a page template or in a 3D space. Express It 3D was conceived to be the most sophisticated 3D presentation package ever created to run on a PC.

Use 3D space for maximum visualization
3D space

Express It 3D uses OpenGL, the same graphics library used in today's hottest 3D games. Realistic spatial relationships, dynamic lighting, environmental effects, and more help make your presentation as realistic as you like.

Immersive presentations
[image: Use Express It 3D presentation software to present in style.]

Build flypaths to guide your audience through the presentation. Add 3d space within bullet points to illustrate important points along the way. There has never been a more dynamic way to build and show presentations using a PC computer.

Video Options

Express It 3D's powerful 3D graphics allow video files to be used on pages as slide backgrounds, and in 3D spaces as a texture for 3D objects. Adding video to your presentation design add the professional touch that only Express It 3D offers.

Video backround on a slide
Background Videos

Express It 3D allows you to add multiple video files as a background to your page. Express It 3D provides you with over 30 video background files that add depth and "wow" to our presentation.

Video with sound
[image: Play multimedia in Express It 3D.]-->

Express It 3D embeds Windows Media player so you can play video, and sound during your presentation. No switching back and forth from different applications. Express It 3D presentations are smooth and seamless. Video can be as much a part of your presentation as text and pictures.

Import your own video clips

Use your own video clips as video backgrounds.[image: Express It 3D uses your own video clips.] Just save your video clips as .avi files and then use then directly in Express It 3D.

Your video clips can be used anywhere Express It 3D allows. Imagine the possibilities... video and pictures combined in a creative 3D presetation!

Texture video on 3D objects
Background Videos

Express It 3D allows you to texture any .avi file on a 3D shape. Combine 3D rich content with video textured shapes to create an amazing visual landscape for your presentation.

Import PowerPoint File into Express It 3D

Import PowerPoint presentation into Express It 3D presentation software with a click of the mouse.

PowerPoint to Express It 3D

With Express It 3D you can convert your flat PowerPoint presentations into exciting 3D presentations. It is as easy as loading a file. All true text is coverted into 3D text, and all pictures and images convert as well.

Once your presentation is imported you can add all kinds of rich 3D content that will make your presentation pop. Your current presentations will come to life, and have a new life in Express It 3D.

Import PowerPoint Files into Express It 3D. Background Videos 3D space
[image: Express It 3D can eaisly import PowerPoint files.]
Need help converting your presentations?

Not sure you can convert your presentation and add 3D content? Let Express It 3D technical services help you. For a reasonable fee, Express It 3D can convert your PowerPoint presentations and add 3D content to make your presentations sizzle.

Express It 3D's technical services team can help you design a presentation or convert your current flat presentations into something your office will be talking about.

Learn more about converting your files

Ease of use

Express It 3D is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Sensible interfaces and straight forward usage helps Express It 3D to be learned in a short period of time. Because 3D content can be challenging, Express It 3D provides the needed help for you to be successful.

Drag & drop graphical editing
[image: Build your presentations with Express It 3D's drag and drop interface.]

Quickly and easily add 3D content to your pages and points by drag and drop. Select 3D content from the inventory to your layout quickly and intuitively. The Express It 3D inventory contains 3D objects, 3D text, 3D animated objects, video objects, and light source objects.

The Narrative: Backbone of your presentation

The narrative is a tree view of your pages and points in your presentation. Organizing your presentation is easy.

Express It 3D Narrative.

The narrative allows you to re-arrange pages and points by dradding them to a new order. The text on the page becomes your header text and the point text becomes your text in the presentation. Express It 3D has a spelling check that check all the text in your presentation.

Get help when you need it

Express It 3D provides a complete user guide and several roadmaps thatExpress It 3D roadmap. are context sensitive to help you along the way. Just click on the question mark icon to activate the roadmap.

3D Page/World View
3D Page/World View allows you to visulize your presentation.

Using the 3D Page/World View you can visualize your page views. You can place 3D object from the inventory directly in the view to add rich 3D content to your presentation. You can see exactly what your page will look like. You can re-size text and 3D objects using your mouse. You can animate the view to see how videos and animated objects will look during the presentation.

Active Community Forum
[image: Express It 3D has an active worldwide community of users.]

Express It 3D users can share tips and tricks, get presentation building advice, or ask for help at the Express It 3D Community Forum.

Our worldwide user base is active and welcomes Express It 3D newcomers.Users, both new and expert, engage in discussions about all aspects of building presentations and[image: Express It 3D's user community is active and friendly.] Express It 3D Presentation Software. Technical support staff and Express It 3D developers frequently give an insider's view to the discussions.

Visit the Express It 3D Community Forum

Express It 3D Media Pack

The Express It 3D Media Pack contains over 300 3D shapes as well as video backgrounds, pictures and textures.

[image: Express It 3D allows you to import custom made 2D and 3D shapes into your presentations. You can import standard shape file formats from virtually any 3D editing package. In Express It 3D, you can make your machinery and equipment look exactly like it does on your plan floor - or use simple abstract shapes if you so desire. With Express It 3D's 3D graphics capabilities, anything is possible.]
Shapes & shapes

Add excitement and realism to your presentation by using custom 3D shapes of your buildings, machines, or products. The Express It 3D media Pack contains over 300 3D shapes. Consider it 3D clip art for your presentations.

Whatever you're presenting, with Express It 3D's graphics the sky is the limit. You can use any .3ds, .wrl,.dxf, and .stl file formate. Virtually any 3D drawing tool in compatible with Express It 3D.

User created 3D objects

Express It 3D has several default 3D shapes that you can add texture or video texture. Add a picture on a box, cylinder, ball, or plane. With Express It 3D the only limitation is your imagination.

Where more complicated or customized 3D shapes are required, you can import any 3D shape from your favorite 3D drawing package.[image: Create custom 3D objects for your presentation.] With Express It 3D, you will have plenty of media on hand to create the most visually exciting presentations your co-workers have ever seen. They will be asking "How did you do that?"

Video backgrounds
[image: With Express It 3D's video backgrounds, you can make your presentation come to life.]

The media pack also contains several original video backgrounds that have a seamless loop. Video backgrounds make your presentation come to life!

Presentation Templates
Express It 3D Presentation Templates.

Express It 3D includes several presentation regulare and video templates. Templates include a cover page and a page with points. Express It 3D templates are the perfect way to start a new presentation.

Everything you need

The Express It 3D Media Pack has everything you need to make professional presentations that will jump off the screen and communicate your idea better than ever before.

Express It 3D System Requirements




Intel Core i7 Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP

System Memory

8 GB RAM 2 GB RAM or more

Graphics Card

NVIDIA GeForce 6 series or higher 256 MB OpenGL compatible graphics card

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 or higher